Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Japanese Locked Up For Storing Virus

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A Gifu Yard inspector has recently fingered the collar of some Japanese man for a weird crime of having a virus on his PC without a good reason.

Although the vast majority is believed to think there is no good reason to have a virus on their personal computers, the things don’t work this way in Japan anymore. It appeared in that country you can be sentenced to up to 2 years jail time for doing so.

A few days ago, Yasuhiro Kawaguchi, 38, residing in Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture, Japan, found himself arrested at his own home. The reason for the arrest was that the coppers found the virus on his personal computer.

Japanese newspapers explained that the country had recently revised its Penal Code. The introduction of some new provisions was accepted, and now it is against the law to store a computer virus intended for infecting other computers. Yasuhiro Kawaguchi turned out to be the first individual to be charged under the revised legislation.

The virus that the police found on his computer worked by copying graphics elements and files on a PC, which caused it to freeze over two thousand users of the file-sharing networks, whose computer were infected with this virus. The man gave the virus such name that it seemed to be children pornography video and then uploaded it through the file-sharing client named Share. Other Internet users who downloaded the file in question and later opened it on their PCs, or activated a DVD onto which the “video” was saved, were disappointed to see no video but find their PCs infected instead.

The new Japan legislation was designed in such a way that it granted the police the right to charge virus distributors with something even provided that the distributors of malware couldn’t provide any evidence of damage on someone else's personal computer.

Yasuhiro Kawaguchi claimed that he created the virus and was distributed it in such form with the only purpose to punish people using file-sharing software. The man also told coppers that he had actually been writing viruses for the last four years, but they never targeted him before. Gifu Yard explained that it was only due to the fact that under the old legislation the police couldn’t prove Kawaguchi’s guilt.


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