Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sony PlayStation 4 Features, Design, Games & Release Date

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The most recent rumor published about the PlayStation 4 is that it might be launched on 2013. This rumor was actually very vague as no other detail are available yet.
In a recent report by Develop-Online, various sources “within Sony's internal studio structure” confirmed that teams have begun “preliminary work” on the PS 4 gaming console. Yes, finally something concrete is out there regarding the PlayStation 4. Also, the report mentioned that some of these teams may be moving into the full level production phase sooner than expected.


The Sony PlayStation 4 is said to be made of eco-friendly materials. The gaming console is expected to be made up to 60% of recyclable materials. Apart from that, it will also have a “Eco Start” feature, which will allow gamers to save and resume games, without having to switch off the console.
Additionally, it is choreographed to switch off every 30 minutes of no activity. The interesting part is that during this time, the console will self-charge automatically from a rechargeable cell. This not only saves energy, but also maintains and extends the life of the console.
Although the device is blended with eco-friendly features, it certainly needs those specifications which are essentially required for any hardcore gamers. The PlayStation 4 is expected to sport a 1.5 TB hard disk drive, which allows users to store a large number of games. It will have USB 3.0 ports along with an HDMI connect port.
The Sony PlayStation 4 will have full 3D support with 4K2K compatibility, and supports 3D Blu-Ray. It is enabled to synchronize with Sony Ericson, and also synchronize with the Sony Bravia. The Sony Entertainment Network (SEN), formerly called Qriocity, will also be included in the console.
In terms of CPU, the current PS 3 uses a cell based processor with 1 PPE (Power Processing Element) at 3.2 GHz. We are expecting the PS4 to have 32nm 8 Core Cell processor with 16 SPEs, along with a 22nm Kepler. We are also expecting the console to have a boatload of RAM, with at least minimum of 2GB RAM.


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