Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Windows System Tips,Tricks & Troubleshooting

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Windows is a very popular Operating system for its user friendly interface, if you know some tips and tricks about windows then you can play with Windows PC. These are some tips and tricks about Windows and also some troubleshooting steps for beginners. So lets have fun with Windows tricks.
Block websites without using software :

Block websites without any software
  1.  Browse C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
  2.  Find the file named “HOSTS”e
  3.  Open it in notepad
  4. Under “ localhost” Add ,
    and that site will no longer be accessible.
  5. Done! 

To convert Guest to Admin in your XP

Copy the text below in notepad:
echo off
title Please wait…
net user add Username Password /add
net user localgroup Administrators Username /add
net user Guest 420 /active:yes
net localgroup Guests Guest /DELETE
net localgroup Administrators Guest /add
del %0
Then double click on the file so that it can execute.
But remember that for using this application you must have guest profile on.

Trick to write your name after time

If you want to put your name after time in place of AM/PM then here is a trick.
Steps are as follows:
  1.   Go to Start
  2.   Control Panel
  3.   Date, time, language and regional options
  4.   Language and regional options
  5.   Customize
  6.   Time
  7.   Change AM symbol and PM symbol from AM and PM to your name
  8.   Apply
  9.   ok


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