Friday, October 21, 2011

Advanced Java 2 Platform How to Program

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Welcome to Advanced Java 2 Platform How to Program and the exciting world of advanced-
programming concepts with the three major Java platforms—Java™ 2 Enterprise
Edition (J2EE), Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) and Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME). Little
did we know when we attended the November 1995 Internet/World Wide Web conference
in Boston what that session would yield—four editions of Java How To Program (the
world’s best-selling Java textbook), and now this book about Java software-development
technologies for upper-level college courses and professional developers.
Before Java appeared, we were convinced that C++ would replace C as the dominant
application-development language and systems-programming language for the next
decade. However, the combination of the World Wide Web and Java now increases the
prominence of the Internet in information-systems planning and implementation. Organizations
want to integrate the Internet “seamlessly” into their information systems. Java is
more appropriate than C++ for this purpose—as evidenced by Sun Microsystems’
announcement in 2001 that over 96% of enterprise application servers support J2EE.
Advanced Java 2 Platform How to Program is the first book in our Advanced How to
Program series. We discuss Java technologies that may be unfamiliar and challenging to
the average Java programmer. We structured each chapter discussion to provide the reader
with an introduction to leading-edge and complex Java technologies, rather than provide a
detailed analysis of every nuance of each topic. In fact, each topic we present could be a
600–800 page book in itself.


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