Monday, October 24, 2011

Apple iOS 5 Golden Master - Final

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 Apple iOS 5 Golden Master - Final (10.2011) | 7.35 GB

Apple just made iOS 5 GM available to developers. The Golden Master update was official released with the iOS 5.To install IOS 5 GM you need to have the Itunes 10.5.1 beta vision on yor machine

IOS 5 GM is specially designed for  all the Apple products which are - iPad, iPhone and iPod touch,

With this application you can create professional-level presentations with animated diagrams and transitions - a simple touch. Show your presentation in full screen mode on the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Duplication or use video to give a presentation on an HDTV. You can also turn the screen speaker on your device to show the slides and notes.

A great start
• Choose from 12 ready-to Apple, including the "Gradient", "Showroom" and "Portfolio".
• View and edit your Keynote '09 presentations and Microsoft PowerPoint. It is easy to import files from Mail, Internet service WebDAV, Mac and PC using the Export iTunes.
Format slides and add animation.
• Place the objects on your slides by dragging the slide over the canvas.
• Create professional animations using the transition "Magic Move" ,by  automatically animating objects on adjacent slides.
• Use more than 20 different animations.
• Choose from more than 20 professional transitions, such as "Anagram," "Flip Pages", "Mosaic" and "Rotate."
• Easily add photos and video from your application, "photos" using the Media Browser.
• Organize your data with excellent diagrams and tables.
• Skim the presentation, add new slides and change their order using the Navigator slides.
• Use advanced controls to your presentation, including auto play, repeat, and a slide show with instructions for the viewer.
Demonstration and publication
• Export your work to a file in Keynote '09, Microsoft PowerPoint, or PDF and send by Mail. Publish your presentation to Public Beta, so that they can download other Mac users and PC.


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