Wednesday, October 19, 2011


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Julian is trapped in a battlefield laid with bombs. The battlefield is a square ground that has bombs. Some of the bombs have been deactivated. Julian does not know which bombs are active. The deactivated bombs have a number written under each, which indicate the number of active bombs around that bomb. To see the number written under the bomb, Julian needs to upturn the bomb.

Julian needs to be very careful because if she upturns an active bomb, it will blast.

The rules of BigBangBomb are as follows:
  • The battlefield is made up of a number of small squares.
  • To upturn a bomb, the player needs to click on the bomb.
  •   If the bomb that the player tries to upturn is active, it will blast and game will be over.
  •   If the bomb that the player tries to upturn has been deactivated, a number indicating the number of active bombs around it will be displayed.
  • If the player suspects a bomb to be active, he/she can mark it by right-clicking on it.
  •     If the player identifies all the mine, he/she wins the game.


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